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From dawn to nap time… Day 1


Old habits die hard. I woke up starving, just like you’re supposed to if hormones are communicating effectively, so Veronica(my five month old) and I got a bowl of leftover hash heated up. It had shredded pork, sweet potato, pineapple, and red pepper in it. Yum! Normally I put 2 fried or poached eggs on top, but V and I had our hands full. Mostly, I was holding her. Anyways, I scarfed it down, definitely not in the habit yet of taking pics of my food to put on here. Will try to remember at lunch time.

So I didn’t remember at lunch either, so I’ll just have to describe it. I had leftover cabbage and ground beef with Italian sausage seasonings. And then a few pieces of pineapple. Yum yum. Between breakfast and lunch I had two apple pie Larabar minis and an apple that my son thought that he wanted. Not very good at not snacking. I’ll just blame it on nursing.

Snack time… Fresh cherries, with coconut milk, cocoa powder, and cashews… So good. Such a great treat while both kids are napping at the same time. I should probably be doing something more productive… Oh well…


Here’s Isaiah pass out on the chair. Silly boy.