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Chicken and broccoli


Chicken and broccoli… That’s what I had in my fridge for dinner. I hadn’t been to the store yet this week. Not going to lie… I was not terribly excited about dinner. So I just started throwing things together and it turned out pretty spectacular if I do say myself. As with all things I throw together the measurements are not exactly precise… But that’s just when you Know you’re really cooking. Ha!


So I know that said it tastes good…didn’t necessarily say it was pretty. This is actually a picture of dinner reheated later that night when my husband ate dinner. Food is always prettier fresh.

Teriyaki Chicken

2 lbs chicken tenders

Marinate the chicken in:
– 1/3 c olive oil
– 1/4 c coconut aminos
– 1/2 – 1 tsp each: garlic, onion, ginger powders and salt
– 1 tbsp agave nectar

Let sit for about an hour. Get a sauté pan piping hot over med high heat. Cook chicken for 5-10 min per side. You don’t want to over cook them. You do want them to be done, so watch them.

Herby Broccoli

Cut the florets of broccoli off, rinse them in a strainer, and throw them Ina sauté pan with a lid. After a few minutes add a generous amount of olive oil. I then sprinkled herbs de Provence, salt, white pepper, and a little bit of Cajun seasonings. It took me two rounds of seasoning to get it to taste good to me. Then I cooked it until it was a bit toasty and it was sooooo good.

And that is one way to switch up chicken and broccoli blahs to chicken and broccoli wows!


Resolution to start again… Day 1 take two


Ready….set….go! We are trying day 1 of our whole30 again. We had a lot of treats the last couple of days and the negative effects just aren’t worth it. So, here we go again. Breakfast this morning was leftover spaghetti sauce (or stew since it was so chunky) with two fried eggs on top. Really good and mixed up breakfast a bit which is nice.


While my husband was at work, not resisting the temptation of a breakfast burrito, Isaiah and I had chicken thighs, carrots, and blueberries for lunch. Every week I bake off a pan of chicken thighs for whatever we might need them for. Sometimes they get thrown in curry, or stir fry, or sometimes we just eat them plain with veggies. The prep work has been what makes eating this way doable. Today I put ginger, garlic, turmeric, salt, and pepper on the chicken. Isaiah liked it a lot! He would start singing when he ate it. Lol.

Dinner was more leftovers. Carrots, spaghetti sauce, and pineapple. But i did manage to control the desire to eat burritos and quesadillas for dinner instead…yay personal victory! Tomorrow we will finish grocery shopping for the week!