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Day 1


Day one… Today we went shopping when it was like 95 degrees during the kids’ nap time (and they weren’t sleeping) for things like curtain rods that I didn’t really want to spend money on… Oh and today was the day that we weren’t going to go through a drive thru coffee to make the process a bit more bearable… Whoopie! But i was determined not to crack, seeing as it took me three days anyways to get a day 1, So we struggled on, stopped two stores short of ourvgoal and went home. Now we are happier, and I didn’t eat anything not paleo. Yay hooray!


Meal one:
Coffee with almond milk
3 fried eggs


Applegate chicken hot dogs
Grape tomatoes
Sweet potatoes ( roasted this morning, then sliced and reheated in ghee with salt and cinnamon)

A vanilla cloud drink

Grilled Mahi Mahi
Broccoli with garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, olive oil, and ghee


Baby Steps… Day 2


Well, we officially made it to day 2 of our whole30. It’s really easy to retry day 1 but after that you’re committed. Breakfast was Italian beef and two fried eggs. The Italian seasonings make it taste like sausage. It is very hard to find sausage without sugar snuck in, so we make our own.

Italian Beef and Veggies

– 1/2 lb ground beef
– 1 and1/2cups mushroom, I used baby portabellas
– 2 cups fresh spinach
-1/2 sweet onion
– 3/4 cup or so, steam sautéed green cabbage (leftover from weekly cook up)
– garlic powder, Italian seasoning, marjoram, salt, and pepper

Cook all up in a pan, put two fried eggs on top, I like mine runny.

We took the family grocery shopping after breakfast. Lots of fruits, veggies, and meat. Grabbed two larabars to make it through the last store. My husband made a fabulous lunch when we got home. We had pan fried ahi tuna steaks with fruit salsa on top and sautéed snap peas.

Ahi Tuna w/ Fruit Salsa

Mix chili powder, salt, and powdered ginger. Pat on to both sides of tuna. Heat a pan with coconut oil. When piping hot, put in the tuna. Cook to your liking, it will not take long. A bit rare in the idle is how we prefer it.

On top mix together:
– a cup of pineapple diced
– one mango diced
– a red pepper diced
– juice of one lime
– salt

So tasty! I wish I had gotten a picture of this one. We ate it too fast! Grocery shopping made us vey hungry, and while my husband makes good food… It might have taken forever! Lol! Nt complaining though. I love eating a meal I didn’t cook.

This evening I went to a baby shower. Social settings are the hardest when it comes to eating paleo. The main dish was chicken Alfredo pasta casserole. Smelled so good… So. I Ate fruit salad and lettuce with tomatoes on top. But I feel good still! Need to keep remember that is the reason we Are doing this…. Day 2 success!