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Summertime Activities


I am loving summer! Every year I get better at summer…. Probably because my distractions are multiplying. I am a high school ESL teacher for the majority of the year on top of being a mom to two, a wife, a volunteer, and part of my church community. So I’m used to being extremely busy all the time. But then summer hits… It’s 100 degrees and I have two faces staring at me.

I love these kids, but it is a complete change of pace and sets of needs… And for a little while, I was terrified…. Then I relaxed and learned to love being a mom. It’s okay to sit holding one baby while watching my son play outside. That is doing something. I’ve also learned that I do have time to keep my kitchen clean… Most of the time.

So one of the fun things we have done so far is go to the farm with Grandma. Isaiah is an animal lover. So he fed the sheep, and goats, and a baby calf. He loved it! Totally worth the 3 dollars. Ha!



We have also had a few photo shoots. These were from Father’s Day. I was taking pictures of the kids while my husband, brother, and dad were golfing.



What a little princess… With attitude! So, now that I’ve learned to entertain little ones… Most of the time, I’m pretty sure the summer will fly by, and I’ll be back with the big kids.

Paleo update… So it’s my birthday… Totally had pizza and a latte today… Not paleo… Will do better tomorrow… When it’s not my birthday!