Days 4-7. Eat this not that


It’s been a few days since I have posted. They have been fairly successful, paleo wise. And as each day goes by we realize that we are really eating more intuitively paleo rather than strict whole30 like we did the first time around. And we are ok with that. We have eaten out twice in the last couple days, which is a lot for us. First my parents treated us to Culver’s. normally when I go there is get fried chicken strips and fried cheese curds….here’s what I had…. Bacon burger(no cheese, bun, sauce) and a side salad. I threw my “burger” on my salad after picking off the cheese and croutons and added a little Dijon mustard so it wasn’t completely dry…. What I learned, eating paleo at a at food place is just not very satisfying…but I wasn’t paying so I wasn’t complaining.

Then my husband and I took the kids to a seafood place. Looked at the coconut fried shrimp… Looked at fish and chips… Got the shrimp and spinach salad instead. Might have had two pieces of sushi …apparently my hubby forgot that rice was in sushi… “Forgot” but it’s not everyday we have sushi so we could live with that. Every other meal we complied and ate at home.

Tonight we are hosting potluck at our house. We are making pulled pork. We are making salsa to put on ours, but we will have BBQ sauce as well. I’ve been making it a habit to always bring more than one dish that we can eat since very rarely do other people bring paleo friendly dishes much less desserts. Saying no without making a big deal about it is the hardest part about eating paleo in social settings. The last thing I want to do is put out other people because of the way I choose to eat… I spent most of my life proud of not being a picky eater… Then I eliminate several food groups… Oh geez. Oh well, it works for us!


Day 3


Day 3… Really starting to get some momentum now. I have decided that one of my success tips is that you need o have food ready to heat up and you need to use as little pans and dishes as possible. This morning my beautiful daughter and I got breakfast together.


As you can see, she was a huge help… More moral support than anything else. But I had leftover Italian beef and veggies with two fried eggs on top. I have started to consider it a rule that we have to eat what’s in the fridge before making new food…. Most of the time this is an easy rule to follow. Like with this meal:


Lunch was another one pan wonder. I’m sure all the food I make looks the same, as I just throw everything in a pan and warm it up. So this morning I had roasted some sweet potatoes for the week, so I cut up one and threw it in the pan with clarified butter. Then I cut up two chicken thighs that I baked a few days ago. Threw them in. Looking in my fridge I found the fruit salsa that we had on top of tuna yesterday, that went in too. After deciding that it was very tropical, I added cinnamon, ginger, coconut, and salt. Ta-da! Lunch!


After lunch, Isaiah and I made a fort while Veronica was napping. Here’s a cute pic of him peeking out a “window”


For dinner we had people over so I totally forgot to take a picture but it would have been the prettiest meal. We had twice fried plantains, green beans with bacon, and pan fried swaii and tuna steaks… So yummy! I would have to say day 3 was a success as well!

Baby Steps… Day 2


Well, we officially made it to day 2 of our whole30. It’s really easy to retry day 1 but after that you’re committed. Breakfast was Italian beef and two fried eggs. The Italian seasonings make it taste like sausage. It is very hard to find sausage without sugar snuck in, so we make our own.

Italian Beef and Veggies

– 1/2 lb ground beef
– 1 and1/2cups mushroom, I used baby portabellas
– 2 cups fresh spinach
-1/2 sweet onion
– 3/4 cup or so, steam sautéed green cabbage (leftover from weekly cook up)
– garlic powder, Italian seasoning, marjoram, salt, and pepper

Cook all up in a pan, put two fried eggs on top, I like mine runny.

We took the family grocery shopping after breakfast. Lots of fruits, veggies, and meat. Grabbed two larabars to make it through the last store. My husband made a fabulous lunch when we got home. We had pan fried ahi tuna steaks with fruit salsa on top and sautéed snap peas.

Ahi Tuna w/ Fruit Salsa

Mix chili powder, salt, and powdered ginger. Pat on to both sides of tuna. Heat a pan with coconut oil. When piping hot, put in the tuna. Cook to your liking, it will not take long. A bit rare in the idle is how we prefer it.

On top mix together:
– a cup of pineapple diced
– one mango diced
– a red pepper diced
– juice of one lime
– salt

So tasty! I wish I had gotten a picture of this one. We ate it too fast! Grocery shopping made us vey hungry, and while my husband makes good food… It might have taken forever! Lol! Nt complaining though. I love eating a meal I didn’t cook.

This evening I went to a baby shower. Social settings are the hardest when it comes to eating paleo. The main dish was chicken Alfredo pasta casserole. Smelled so good… So. I Ate fruit salad and lettuce with tomatoes on top. But I feel good still! Need to keep remember that is the reason we Are doing this…. Day 2 success!

Resolution to start again… Day 1 take two


Ready….set….go! We are trying day 1 of our whole30 again. We had a lot of treats the last couple of days and the negative effects just aren’t worth it. So, here we go again. Breakfast this morning was leftover spaghetti sauce (or stew since it was so chunky) with two fried eggs on top. Really good and mixed up breakfast a bit which is nice.


While my husband was at work, not resisting the temptation of a breakfast burrito, Isaiah and I had chicken thighs, carrots, and blueberries for lunch. Every week I bake off a pan of chicken thighs for whatever we might need them for. Sometimes they get thrown in curry, or stir fry, or sometimes we just eat them plain with veggies. The prep work has been what makes eating this way doable. Today I put ginger, garlic, turmeric, salt, and pepper on the chicken. Isaiah liked it a lot! He would start singing when he ate it. Lol.

Dinner was more leftovers. Carrots, spaghetti sauce, and pineapple. But i did manage to control the desire to eat burritos and quesadillas for dinner instead…yay personal victory! Tomorrow we will finish grocery shopping for the week!



Oh mylanta! I was sitting here reading some sweet paleo blogs only to hear a song reminiscent of my past… 98 degrees is on the Today show… What? Weird…. And Isaiah starting singing along… And by singing along, I mean sing-babbling. What a funny way to start my day! The delicious way I started my day was with bacon, pineapple, and butternut squash. I roasted the butternut squash a few days ago with the spaghetti squash. I figure that if the oven is going, put in as much as possible to have food for the week. So I reheated it today with clarified butter, cinnamon, salt, and a little bit of nutmeg.



Spaghetti with meat sauce



It’s the end of my day one of my second whole30 attempt only to decide that it really wasn’t day one… If only I didn’t have such a love of lattes…and almond poppy seed bread. But while there were some minor set backs, I am just happy that it was day one…no one wants to start over again on day 14 or whatever.

While some food choices were not superb, every meal I ate was whole30 approved. And even more exciting news, Veronica is almost sitting up on her own… They grow up so fast. Anyways dinner tonight was probably one of the most cliche meal swaps out there right now..that’s right I put my homemade spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash instead of pasta. However, I think there are a few tips to make it just a little better.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

– Roasted spaghetti squash, roasted ahead of time
– garlic salt, salt and pepper to taste
– 2 tbsp clarified butter

Put above ingredients in sauté pan and reheat squash. If you don’t season your squash, it will not be as good. This will serve as your pasta.


I raided my fridge to come up with the sauce. I have learned to be well prepared for whatever I want, thanks to the book Well Fed. so in my fridge was already cooked ground beef and onions, steam sautéed zucchini and red bell peppers, and I had cans or tomato in the cupboard. So, it ended up being, give or take…
– 2 pounds ground beef
– 1/2 onion chopped
– 1 cup red peppers chopped
– 1.5 cups zucchini
– 2 cans tomatoes
– Italian seasonings 2 tbsp or so
– garlic salt, salt, and pepper to taste

I let it stew for a while on the stove.

When it’s all cooked and hot, plate and serve. Congrats you have satisfied your Italian craving!

From dawn to nap time… Day 1


Old habits die hard. I woke up starving, just like you’re supposed to if hormones are communicating effectively, so Veronica(my five month old) and I got a bowl of leftover hash heated up. It had shredded pork, sweet potato, pineapple, and red pepper in it. Yum! Normally I put 2 fried or poached eggs on top, but V and I had our hands full. Mostly, I was holding her. Anyways, I scarfed it down, definitely not in the habit yet of taking pics of my food to put on here. Will try to remember at lunch time.

So I didn’t remember at lunch either, so I’ll just have to describe it. I had leftover cabbage and ground beef with Italian sausage seasonings. And then a few pieces of pineapple. Yum yum. Between breakfast and lunch I had two apple pie Larabar minis and an apple that my son thought that he wanted. Not very good at not snacking. I’ll just blame it on nursing.

Snack time… Fresh cherries, with coconut milk, cocoa powder, and cashews… So good. Such a great treat while both kids are napping at the same time. I should probably be doing something more productive… Oh well…


Here’s Isaiah pass out on the chair. Silly boy.

Rainy day


Today was a rainy day… A legit rainy day… Well, at least for half the day. And while I was trapped inside with my son’s stubborn sleepy eyes staring at me, refusing to nap, I decided to become a “blogger.” This way other people would be able to share in such experiences with me… Or at least I can think so! Ha!

I became inspired to do this reading all the other paleo food blogs out there. My husband and I just complete our first whole30. Well, it ended p being a whole 27… and due to our food choices the last few days (I.e. lattes and pizza) and how we felt afterwards (icky) we are going to be back at it tomorrow. We are planning on doing a whole20.Mostly because that will take us to my birthday. 🙂

So tomorrow I will hopefully have some yummy recipes to post.


P.S. We also had ice cream for dessert… Darn you Ben and Jerry’s! Whole30 diet here we come!    (Again 🙂 )