Day 3



I never thought it would happen today… The kids are finally sleeping… At the same time. Hallelujah! Tie for a mommy moment with a second cup of coffee for the day. After I get the eating thing under control again I should probably start decreasing my caffeine amount. Maybe…

Meal 1:
2 fried eggs
Broccoli and zucchini (leftovers)
Coffee with almond milk

Meal 2:
Chicken salad
-leftover grilled chicken chopped
– red pepper, apple, tomatoes, walnuts, pecans, raisins, mayo

Watermelon with coconut milk and cashews
Coffee with almond milk


Meal 3:
Leftover meatloaf
Cauliflower and carrot pilaf with raisins and almonds

Sweet potato frittata with almond milk and cashews


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