Day 2


Today I am meeting my friend for lunch at chik fil a and I have become that person… I made my own dressing to bring. I know the chicken isn’t going to be perfectly paleo but I figured I would not add insult to injury by putting sugar filled dressing on top of the salad I am going to order as well. Look at me planning ahead… Now, a quick prayer for the perseverance to not deviate from the plan. I’ll finish this later with the results of eating out. 🙂

Meal 1:
Leftover fish shredded and heated with ghee and bacon fat
2 fried eggs
Coffee with almond milk

Grape tomatoes

Meal 2:
Market fresh grilled chicken salad
Brought my own dressing…raspberry balsamic, olive oil, salt, garlic

Almond milk latte

Meal 3:
savory sweet potato meatloaf from paleo mg
Sautéed zucchini


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