Whole30 revisited


It has been about a month or so since my first whole30 and my failed second attempt. We are still eating paleo the vast majority of the time, but it is time to kick the latte addiction. It’s hard on the waistline and checkbook. I also have family pics scheduled in about a month… Nothing like a little motivation to get a little healthier aka… Loose weight.

So it is whole30 eve, and under full disclosure I will admit to the Dairy Queen cake leftovers waiting for me in kitchen. So good…. But I am excited this time for my whole30. I know so much more this time around. I know how to do a weekly cook up, and plan my meals flexibly. This time I’m going to figure out how to stay within a reasonable budget. My husband and I also agreed to using agave and honey in moderation, but not buy more during the whole30 when we run out. Yes, I know that breaks the rules, but I don’t care too much at this point.

Happy Fourth of July! This month I’m going to exercise my freedom to say no to certain foods and live as a healthier me.


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