Days 4-7. Eat this not that


It’s been a few days since I have posted. They have been fairly successful, paleo wise. And as each day goes by we realize that we are really eating more intuitively paleo rather than strict whole30 like we did the first time around. And we are ok with that. We have eaten out twice in the last couple days, which is a lot for us. First my parents treated us to Culver’s. normally when I go there is get fried chicken strips and fried cheese curds….here’s what I had…. Bacon burger(no cheese, bun, sauce) and a side salad. I threw my “burger” on my salad after picking off the cheese and croutons and added a little Dijon mustard so it wasn’t completely dry…. What I learned, eating paleo at a at food place is just not very satisfying…but I wasn’t paying so I wasn’t complaining.

Then my husband and I took the kids to a seafood place. Looked at the coconut fried shrimp… Looked at fish and chips… Got the shrimp and spinach salad instead. Might have had two pieces of sushi …apparently my hubby forgot that rice was in sushi… “Forgot” but it’s not everyday we have sushi so we could live with that. Every other meal we complied and ate at home.

Tonight we are hosting potluck at our house. We are making pulled pork. We are making salsa to put on ours, but we will have BBQ sauce as well. I’ve been making it a habit to always bring more than one dish that we can eat since very rarely do other people bring paleo friendly dishes much less desserts. Saying no without making a big deal about it is the hardest part about eating paleo in social settings. The last thing I want to do is put out other people because of the way I choose to eat… I spent most of my life proud of not being a picky eater… Then I eliminate several food groups… Oh geez. Oh well, it works for us!


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