Day 3


Day 3… Really starting to get some momentum now. I have decided that one of my success tips is that you need o have food ready to heat up and you need to use as little pans and dishes as possible. This morning my beautiful daughter and I got breakfast together.


As you can see, she was a huge help… More moral support than anything else. But I had leftover Italian beef and veggies with two fried eggs on top. I have started to consider it a rule that we have to eat what’s in the fridge before making new food…. Most of the time this is an easy rule to follow. Like with this meal:


Lunch was another one pan wonder. I’m sure all the food I make looks the same, as I just throw everything in a pan and warm it up. So this morning I had roasted some sweet potatoes for the week, so I cut up one and threw it in the pan with clarified butter. Then I cut up two chicken thighs that I baked a few days ago. Threw them in. Looking in my fridge I found the fruit salsa that we had on top of tuna yesterday, that went in too. After deciding that it was very tropical, I added cinnamon, ginger, coconut, and salt. Ta-da! Lunch!


After lunch, Isaiah and I made a fort while Veronica was napping. Here’s a cute pic of him peeking out a “window”


For dinner we had people over so I totally forgot to take a picture but it would have been the prettiest meal. We had twice fried plantains, green beans with bacon, and pan fried swaii and tuna steaks… So yummy! I would have to say day 3 was a success as well!


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