Rainy day


Today was a rainy day… A legit rainy day… Well, at least for half the day. And while I was trapped inside with my son’s stubborn sleepy eyes staring at me, refusing to nap, I decided to become a “blogger.” This way other people would be able to share in such experiences with me… Or at least I can think so! Ha!

I became inspired to do this reading all the other paleo food blogs out there. My husband and I just complete our first whole30. Well, it ended p being a whole 27… and due to our food choices the last few days (I.e. lattes and pizza) and how we felt afterwards (icky) we are going to be back at it tomorrow. We are planning on doing a whole20.Mostly because that will take us to my birthday. 🙂

So tomorrow I will hopefully have some yummy recipes to post.


P.S. We also had ice cream for dessert… Darn you Ben and Jerry’s! Whole30 diet here we come!    (Again 🙂 )


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